Full Length Plays

The Closeness Of The Horizon ( aka Apogee / Perigee )
3-M, 2-F

On the same day in 1969 that Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon, three friends from the west side of Los Angeles (Paul, "G", and "Stein") began a tour of the USA in a VW van, both to see the country and to search-out playgrounds and college gyms where they could drum-up competition for pick-up games of basketball. 


Now, twenty-six years later, "G" has been stricken with a terminal illness and his former best friend Paul finds himself overwhelmed by a need to understand why their friendship evaporated over the years.  So begins an emotional journey for Paul, who must now come to grips with the fragile nature of friendship and in the process reconcile the person he once was with the person he has now become.

1-M, 3-F

Beach in Winter (in work)
3-M, 3-F

With Albert's mattress business on the verge of failure, his accountant loans him his Malibu beach house for the holiday weekend to contemplate his next course of action. Unfortunately, his accountant lives next to big-screen heart-throb Joey Boston and his rocker girlfriend Evie Blackheart, facing financial woes of their own... Along with a fair amount of murderous rage for each other. After Joey tries to drown Evie in the ocean, Albert rescues her and they begin their own intensely intimate, if unlikely, relationship involving sex, drugs, and way too much mutual complaining.  Eventually Joey discovers the two are together and brings over a freshly baked Christmas stollen to make amends.  Of course the gesture does not go unnoticed by Evie and Albert, who immediately plot to kill him.  And the real fun only just starts there, as blood, death, dismemberment, and some tasty barbecue all play big parts in Albert's contemplative, soul-searching weekend.

Character Driven (in work)


A new library is being dedicated on the campus of prestigious Jansen University in Upstate New York, and being named for heiress Brooke Marie Hallsten, a former graduate whose family has contributed a major portion of the funds for construction.  As she prepares her speech for the formal dedication, Brooke is visited by a college roommate she hasn't seen in twelve years. What starts out as a pleasant visit turns into a threat to publicly reveal a sensational piece of information about their college days together that will force Brooke examine the nature of personal integrity and to make a difficult choice about who she is and what her life is to be from this point on.
Flip and Glib and the Theory of Everything (in work)

House of Stone

1-M, 3-F

Paralyzed by grief from the loss of an important woman in his life, brilliant, middle-aged architect Elijah Stone finds himself at an emotional weigh station where his sanity is in serious doubt. As he reflects on his life and the memories of three women who shaped it -- a gentile wife, Laurel; a Jewish lover, Shaina; and a third, much more mysterious woman, called Faye -- Elijah wrestles with his feelings for Laurel, his infidelity, the minutia of his craft, and his loss of faith. House of Stone is about Elijah's struggle to rediscover it in the face of a devastating loss.

Into The Land Of Nod
1-M, 3-F

Oona and Dru are two lesbians from California who feel they are going nowhere in life.  Together they decide to make a dramatic statement and create a modicum of value in their lives by traveling by bus to Kinsley, Kansas - the geographical midpoint between both coasts of the United States - in order to protest the ban on gay marriage by committing a double suicide.  But all does not go as planned and when Dru's high-strung, homophobic brother Payton arrives, the situation threatens to explode. 

The Latter Jacob (Two related one-act comedies: "Peripheral Vision" and "Tongue-Tied") 
2-M, 3-F

Lessons In Equitation 
3-M, 1-F

Memorizing Rome
4-F, 1-M, 1-F (Teenager)

Middle-aged AMANDA, sister JEM, and friends BETH and thirty-something RACHEL each has her own very personal reason for going to Rome, but fifth-wheel HYACINTH (Amanda's fifteen year old daughter) is clearly an unwilling participant. When JEM's valuable necklace goes missing, the traveling companions spend their ten day vacation examining and confronting (often comically) the nature of memory as they comb the ancient city in search of sights and sounds and some really good Italian wine... They end up discovering more than they expected...about themselves.

The Monkey Jar
3-M, 3-F, 1-M (Child)

At a charter elementary school in an upscale, predominantly white neighborhood in California, the cut-and-dry case of expelling a ten year old Asian student who brings a gun to class and allegedly threatens his fourth grade teacher becomes complicated when the issues of race, sexual preference and the community's manifest desire to maintain the school's pristine reputation.

Morning Glories
1-M, 1-F

A twenty-something couple goes through the sturm und drang of a new relationship in a series of funny and incisive scenes, each taking place at some point in the "morning."

The Concept of Remainders

3-F, 2-M

Mac and Mary -- a contemporary middle-aged couple -- react to nascent marital discord by creating an agreement that allows either of them to have sex with partners outside their fifteen-year marriage for a window of just ten days.  Helping them to navigate the unforgiving terrain of lust and high hopes are their friends Elliot and his precocious young trophy wife, Sophie and a barmaid named "Faith".  Can an arrangement like this actually work?  Or is it just a fantasy?  Or might there be deeper issues at play. Remainders offers up a contemplation on morality, mortality, and longing at middle age...with any conclusions drawn entirely up to you.

A Quality Of Light
2-F, 3-M

In the French village of Saint-Paul-De-Vence, a distraught woman named Claire has journeyed to desperately escape the "fog" that has enveloped her since the suicide of her son. Middle-aged, divorced, very much alone, Claire chances to meet Jack, A.W.O.L. from his honeymoon, confused and at loose ends. For two days the mismatched pair share an intensely physical and psychological dance -- from flirtation to confrontation; from laughter to the bleeding of potentially lethal secrets.

The Restoration of Sight
5-M, 4-F

World-renown ophthalmologist Doctor Perry Rosenthal has developed the life-changing Boston Scleral lens, which is currently being used to remedy certain types of corneal blindness and disease at the Boston Foundation of Sight.  Despite his significant professional and humanitarian accomplishments, and being seen by many as a "man of miracles", Doctor Rosenthal has always been a person to view the glass as "half-empty".  The Restoration of Sight examines his struggle to free himself from this psychic anchor; to acknowledge his faith, and to fully comprehend what it is he has accomplished.

London's Scars (aka "Regarding Those Responsible")
2-M, 3-F

The day after a lone suicide bomber sets off a device that kills more than a dozen people in London's Knightsbridge area, a young woman is found wandering the site of the attack with no memory of why she is there.  It becomes the task of Doctor Bronwyn Styers -- an Expressive Art Therapist -- to help the woman recover her memory and return to her life. Their sessions are thrown into disarray upon discovery that the woman was known to have spent time with the suicide bomber the night before the bombing. Now the pressure is on Bronwyn -- from both hospital administrators and governmental agencies -- to obtain answers.  Was this young woman somehow involved with a terrorist plot?  Or was her meeting the young Pakistani immigrant simply a random event? How and why has she been so affected? And what emotional toll will the process take on good Doctor Styers?

One Act Plays

After The Mail Came
2-M, 1-F

A wannabe novelist finds himself perpetually haunted by the words of an old high school friend, to the point where not only his work, but also his relationship with the woman he loves, are cast in serious doubt. 

Confection Perfection
2-F, 1-M

A neighborhood bakery in New York is the setting for this examination of the nature of one man's search for love, romance, and the perfect cupcake.

Fast Light and Brilliant
1-M, 1-F

A man and woman meet for the first time at a business convention and find they have much in common; including a great attraction for one another. But the path to intimacy is not without obstacles. On a lonely hotel terrace, lit by a field of randy fireflies, the pair contemplates the nature of romance and marriage, and the possible repercussions of a single kiss.

Hippocrates, Reinvented
2-M, 1-F

Immediately after a medical school graduation ceremony, top-of-the-class graduate MARIUS finds himself without the skills to connect with his fellow med students, let alone his future patients.  While standing alone among a crowd of thousands, he encounters an older gentleman named PERCY and then a potential love interest, CARLIN.  But MARIUS remains clueless about how to respond to either of them until events take a twist in a strange and surprising way.  How will MARIUS find his humanity?  Or a date for the party later? Is there really a doctor in the house?  

Noir Lite

When a valuable brooch goes missing, heiress Ophelia St. Croix is beside herself. She enlists the help of noted female PI Frieda Diamond and her not-so-trusted assistant, Tuesday Monday, to help track it down. In this homage to Raymond Chandler, "Chinatown", and several paragraphs of Equal Rights Amendment, nothing is as one might expect.  Which is not necessarily the fault of the writer. Though it could be.

Peripheral Vision
2-M, 3-F

Into a busy and over-booked waiting room at the Jules Stein Eye Clinic have arrived four patients:  JACOB -- the elder glaucoma patient; SARAH -- also elderly, also here for a check-up; DAVID -- the loud-mouthed and arrogant film producer; and ALLISON -- a young, idealistic woman.  Each brings with them their own personal baggage -- a view of the world as seen thru their specific sight-related disability.  And it is LASHANA -- the receptionist -- who must constantly juggle, explain, apologize, and generally appease the patients as they wait and hope for their chance to maintain a future with their sight intact. As time progresses and patience runs thin, the various characters begin to reveal themselves, sharing their prejudices and their dreams, their accomplishments and their regrets.  And, in the case of Jacob and Sarah - at first blush, supposed strangers - the wait proves to be a poignant and telling reunion of two lovers... Sixty years after the fact.

The Bear Claw Solution
2-M, 3-F

Five characters find themselves locked in a room, in the midst of a competition without rules and, even worse, without knowing what the prize is for winning.   

The One That Got Away

2-M, 3-F

Ten Minute Plays / Monologues

And Toto, Too
1-M, 1-F

A young couple's unusual style of lovemaking leads them to  explore the nature of their relationship.  

Before We Go Home  (a Car Play)

1-M, 1-F

A couple finds the prospect of a short drive home unexpectedly daunting after circumstances lead them to make a painful decision.


Cold, But Cute

2-M, 1-F

All on a summer's day in Central Park, a young woman finds danger, romance, and a refreshing cold drink in a most unusual encounter... with a vending machine.  

Dinner Out
1-M, 1-F

Fanfare For The Married Man
1-M, 3-F

For The Sake Of Argument
2-M, 2-F

The nature of bigotry and hate and good is examined in non-linear, nonsensical fashion.

Internal Combustion (Monologue)

Taking a break from a social gathering, a middle-aged Texan by the name of Ray Garvey shares the tale of how a fascination with repairing a motorcycle first captured the interest of his teen-aged daughter... and set her on a path to eventually become a mechanic for the National Guard.

In The Divine Light Of A Walk-Off Homerun

Martinez, the ace of the pitching staff and Parker, the batting hero of the night, have a discussion in the locker room after the game in which Parker's homerun has proved the difference.  In a casual way Martinez comes to question the prevailing practice of publicly expressing thanks to a higher being after one has had some success on the playing field.  Up until now, Parker has never questioned the integrity of the practice, but Martinez has made him think!  And he doesn't like it!  What would God think?  And does it matter? 

Stella Adler Doesn't Live Here Anymore
2-M, 2-F

Four actors find themselves stuck inside a ten minute play about four actors stuck inside a ten minute play about four actors...

The Mentoring Process


1-M, 1-F

Wednesdays, 11 AM to 2 PM
1-M, 1-F

We'll Always Have Bora Bora

1-M, 1-F

A married couple's relationship approaches a turning point as they spend an evening together watching a meteor shower.

What Pitney Bowes Knows 
1-M, 2-F

1-M, 1-F
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